High Word of God, Eternal Light

Middle age hymn from around the tenth century. Translated into English by John Mason Neale.

Performed antiphonally by a choir.

John Mason Neale Lyrics

High Word of God, eternal Light
Begotten of the Father”s might,
Who cam”st a Child, the world to aid,
As years their downward course displayed: Amen.

Our hearts enlighten from above,
And kindle with thine own true love;
That, dead to earthly things, we may
Be filled with heavenly things today.

So, when the judge’s sentence dire
Condemns the lost to endless fire,
And sweetest accents call the blest
To enter on their heavenly rest

O may we not for wilful sin
The due rewards of evin win;
But grant us, Lord thy face to see,
And heaven enjoy enternally.

To God the Father, God the Son,
And Holy Spirit, three in one,
Praise, honour, might and glory be,
Both now and in enternity. Amen.

Latin Lyrics

Verbum supernum, prodiens
A Partre olim exiens
Qui natus orbi subvenis
Cursu diclivi temporis: Amen

Illumina nunc pectora
Tuoque amore concrema;
Audito et preconia
Sint pulsa tandem lubrica.

Iudexque cum pos aderis
Rimari facta pectoris
Reddens vicem pro abditis
Iustisque regnum pro bonis,

Non demum arcemur malis
Pro qualitate criminis;
Sed cum beatis compotes
Simus perennes celibes.

Laus, honor, virtus, gloria
Dei Patri et Filio,
Sancto simul Paraclito,
In sempiterna secula. Amen.